Michael Vandenberghe

I'm passionate about the web and technology. I've made it my hobby, my life's work and my career. I love learning and I always want to know how things work.




  • php10 yrs
  • javascript11 yrs
  • html15 yrs
  • css13 yrs
  • mysql10 yrs
  • ajax8 yrs
  • jquery / ui7 yrs
  • linux9 yrs
  • servers7 yrs
  • git3 yrs
  • svn5 yrs
  • AWS (ec2, rds, ses, s3)
  • Digital Ocean
  • python4 yrs
  • c#/.net2 yrs
  • photoshop6 yrs
  • seo
  • web design
  • java3 yrs
  • bash
  • scalability
  • node.js
  • bootstrap
  • android
  • phonegap
  • perl
  • ruby / ror
  • google go
  • ios/objective c
  • c/c++
  • asp
  • nginx
  • 3d modeling / rendering

Job Experience

Lunawebs - Senior Software Developer -- Nov 07 - Present

Primarily developing websites for clients. Work is done on a wide variety of websites and projects. I'm also the server administrator for several dedicated servers running Linux Centos 5/6. I build and maintains systems for managing multiple domains on hosted platform for content management, blog, shopping cart, social networking, forum, blog, form builder, and a variety of other functionalities. I also create a lot of custom software that is built on request from specifications from our clients.

Neighborhubs - Senior Software Developer -- 2006-2007

Developing the backend application mvc framework for aggregating and searching real estate data. I built multiple connectors to different MLS systems to aggregate property listings into a central database. I also built the search engine on the website that would drive searches by location based queries into an interactive map ( google api ) that would show properties in the searched area along with optional information such as locations of schools, grocery stores, etc. The interactive map was also capable of displaying overlayed polygons for neighborhood boundaries. A wide variety of technologies were integrated to accomplish the goals: apache, php, mysql, xml web services, ftp xml feeds, propertiery web services, and soap web services.

Overstock.com - Senior Software Developer -- 2005-2006

Software development in C#/asp.net with a MS SQL server database. Managed IIS services on production and test servers. Also worked in Java from time to time as needed to support other departments.


  • Some College -- University of Utah - computer science and engineering study
  • Salt Lake/Tooele Applied Technology -- tech certs: A+ & Net+
  • Ongoing Independent Study and Experience -- Web/Software Development


Programming • science • technology • electronics/circuits • Arduino • raspberry pi • Linux • fishing • photography • woodworking • tools • DIY • cars/mechanics • guitar • building/modifying PCs • 3d modeling • art

Background/More Info

I've worked in the web industry since my late teens. I started out coding psd files to html/css and as I gained experience I moved into programming web applications on php, java, and asp.net/c#. I've touched many web technologies and worn many hats in the industry, from server admin to web designer and everything in between. I have built lamp stacks all the way from the hardware through installation of the OS and configuration on the services ( apache/php and mysql ). I have built scalable web applications from the scratch.

I have experience tweaking and building designs in photoshop, gimp, inkscape, and adobe illustrator. I have experience in the entire life cycle of a website, from the process of design, html/css coding, application programming, server setup and site maintenance.


I have worked in many programming languages on linux, mac and windows platforms. Most of my work experience has been with php/mysql but I also have a fair amount of experience working with microsoft .NET frameworks using C# and asp.net. I have worked with java web applications on top of tomcat/jetty, and desktop java software using the java swing api. I have also worked with ruby on rails applications. I have built software in python to support my past h3knix project ( OS installation, package management, system configuration and supporting tools ). As my focus has been primarily for the web, I have expert knowledge with html/css and javascript along with supporting technologies/libraries ( ie. jquery, ajax, html5, css3, responsive design, etc ). I have also dabbled in many different programming languages/technologies as needed by project: scala, perl, node.js, flash/actionscript, cold fusion, google GO, c, c++, objective c, LaTex, ruby, and visual basic. Most programming languages share a set of basic fundementals with slight nuances, so I pick up very quickly.


I have experience deploying applications on VPS systems running any flavor of linux, along with amazon web services and running applications on linux executing on bare metal ( no virtualization ). I have managed multiple servers at one time ( excess of 15 ), maintaining their uptime and configuring the services. I have configured redundant nameservers using powerdns and built apis for the web application cluster to interact with the dns servers ( setup as master/slave configuration ). I am familiar with most common server tasks, ie. ssl installation via command line, apache vhost configuration, apache proxy setups, mysql configuration and management, server backups ( preferrably via rsync ), etc.


I have experience tweaking and building designs in photoshop, gimp, inkscape, and adobe illustrator. I am very fast at taking a psd and coding it to cross browser compatible html/css.


Over the years I have integrated/implemented many api's in the projects I have been part of. Here are some of the more common ones that I have used/integrated.

Google APIs
  • maps
  • geocoder
  • analytics
  • charts
  • recaptcha
  • calendar
Social Media
  • Facebook api and apps
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Linked In
Payment Gateways
  • Authorize.net
  • Paypal
  • NMI
  • Google Checkout
  • Stripe
  • Bit.ly
  • Salesforce
  • Quickbooks
  • Recurly
  • Fedex
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Amazon
  • Self Publishing
  • Tokbox
  • Twilio
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